Trailer driving trackers

Trailer driving trackers

Ensure your freight and your primary concern

Assist with keeping shipments safe and give your clients refreshes rapidly with our GPS trailer following arrangement. It's not difficult to see your resources day in and day out on a live guide from your cell phone or work area to assist with further developing your armada's proficiency.
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Your clients entrust you with their significant products. A trailer GPS beacon gives you dependable area information and geofence alarms to assist you with giving clients refreshes when they need them.
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Further developed area revealing and adaptable ping rates can perceive you where trailers and compartments are found, where they've been and which are being used. Observe lost hardware and assist with further developing trailer use by moving resources rapidly—keeping away from superfluous rentals.

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Our dependable trailer GPS global positioning frameworks give you accommodating telematics information about your resources and the battery can keep going for a really long time. Tough, weatherproof and waterproof equipment supported by Verizon, the most solid organization in the country1, assists you with following your trailers—from city roads to provincial roadways.
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Track an assortment of trailer types

We track various sorts of trailers to assist you with finding them when you want them and get more out of your important resources.

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Perceive how Beck Trucking utilizes Verizon Connect GPS resource following programming

The Verizon Connect framework genuinely changed our entire plan of action.
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