How to Apply for Golden Visa UAE? Spider Business Center

How to Apply for Golden Visa UAE? Spider Business Center

The UAE Golden Visa program was launched in 2019 to attract talents from every corner of the world to the UAE. Its main goal is to make the UAE an ideal location for people from all over the world to work and live in. Some recent amendments to existing laws also ensure that foreigners can own 100% of their businesses without the aid of a local sponsor. This combined with the long-term residency provided by the golden visa makes UAE the perfect spot for working and living.

The golden visa UAE allows residency for 5 or 10 years. Previously, no such long-term residency visa existed in the UAE. On top of that, the golden visa is renewed automatically upon expiration. This makes it perfect for people with a long-term plan for their business, career, or life in the UAE. Investors, entrepreneurs, talented researchers, and students can obtain the golden visa for staying in the UAE permanently.

The requirement for the golden visa differs depending on whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur, or a student. It also differs depending on whether you are going for the 5 years golden visa, or the 10 years golden visa.

Golden Visa UAE Benefits

  • Long term residency in the UAE
  • Access to world class medical and healthcare facilities
  • Unique opportunity to settle in the GCC
  • Excellent schools and Universities
  • Abundant business opportunities
  • Travel to several countries visa-free

How to Get UAE Golden Visa

Our consultants will simplify the procedures allowing you to attain the UAE Golden Visa at your convenience. Follow the steps mentioned below or book a consultation with us at +971 (0) 557012754

If you meet the requirements for applying for the uae golden visa then you can easily obtain the UAE golden visa in three easy steps. However, meeting the requirements for the golden visa then actually obtaining it.

  1. Discuss your visa requirements and documents
  2. Apply for the nomination for the golden visa. The government of the UAE will review your application within 30 days and then email you the results of the application review.
  3. Once the government approves your nomination, you will need to upload the required documents to the link they provided you through email.
  4. Your documents and application will be verified by the officials in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. If everything checks out, then your golden visa will be issued.
  5. Receive your UAE Golden Visa

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